EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 57:How Could Egypt and Tunisia Reverse the Growth of Islamist Violent Radicalisation? By Georges Fahmi

Egypt and Tunisia have been witnessing over the past few years a new wave of violent Islamist radicalisation. The engagement of Egyptian and Tunisian youth in political violence shows that depending only on classical counter-terrorism strategies will not only fail to prevent violent radicalisation, but it might actually increase it. Both the political and religious actors need to work together to formulate a comprehensive de-radicalisation strategy to render the political and religious spheres less enabling for violent radical ideas and movements.


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EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 56: From Activism to Artivism: New Forms of Youth Activism in the Aftermath of 20 February Movement. By Mohamed ElHachimi

Like many countries of the MENA region, Morocco has witnessed one of the most vigorous and dynamic youth protest in its modern history during the so-called Arab uprisings. To face this unprecedented form of youth political action, the strategy of the State consisted in containing youth protest by a twofold policy: conducting constitutional reform and trying to de-legitimize the radicals. The Policy Brief analyses what impact this strategy may have had on youth activism in Morocco. It focuses on the way the Moroccan youth movement(s) is adapting to the response of the regime. In this regard, it shows that while the youth movement(s) did not change its strategic objective (parliamentary monarchy) it is progressively changing the means to achieve it.


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EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference 2016

The next EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference will take place in Brussels on 13-15 April 2016, a few weeks ahead of the release of the EU Global Strategy. The Conference will debate the current security situation in the region and reflect on ingredients, formats, stakeholders and actions for a greater and more effective cooperation to address security challenges.


See the schedule of the annual meeting here


The EuroMeSCo ranked among 10 best think tank networks in the world

We are pleased to announce that the recently released University of Pennsylvania´s 2015 “Global Go To Think Tanks Ranking” reaffirms the position of EuroMeSCo among the world´s top 10  think tank networks.

Call for Papers: EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2016

EuroMeSCo and the IEMed are pleased to announce the Call for Papers to be presented at the parallel thematic sessions of the next EuroMeSCo Annual Conference “Towards a Security Architecture for the Mediterranean: A Challenge for Euro-Mediterranean Relations”, to be held on 13-15 April 2016 in Brussels.

We are inviting proposals for papers on the following topics:

  • Hard Security Challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

Evolution of hard security threats, including terrorism, sectarian violence and intra-state conflicts, and their impact on future dynamics in the Mediterranean.

  • Socio-Political Challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean

Impact of domestic developments and economy on the reform processes and stability of states.

  • Environmental Challenges and Geopolitics in the Mediterranean

Implications of climate change and natural resources evolution for the regional landscape.

All the proposals shall be submitted by 15 February 2016.


For more details please see here

Paper submission form (MS Word)


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