Report of the Kick Off Meeting "The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective"

On the occasion of the Annual Summit of the Strategic Studies Network (Bangkok, 23-25 February 2014), several EuroMeSCo researchers participated in the kick off meeting of the Working Group “The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective”. This group, lead by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) will involve over 20 EuroMeSCo researchers, who will work throughout the year with the aim of publishing a joint volume on comparative perspectives of the transitions in the Arab world.


The Working Group is structured around two main blocks: “Internal changes in transition processes: What priorities?” and “External actors and regional integration”. It consists of a total of 6 working packages, each of them lead by two EuroMeSCo researchers. The topics to be explored are: State building processes and reforms, security sector reform, the role of religion in transitional processes, socio-economic reforms, the role of the European Union in supporting democratic transitions in the Southern Mediterranean and regional integration.


See the report of the Working Group "The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective" here


See the report of the Annual Summit of the Strategic Studies Network here

EuroMeSCo Paper 20: Demands of the Egyptian Revolution and the Newly-Emerging Actors

This paper by Mohamed El-Agati (Arab Forum for Alternatives) discusses the most popular demands that lead to the outbreak of the Revolution in Egypt, which can be summarized under the claim for bread, freedom, social justice and dignity. The paper also presents the main actors of the Egyptian political arena during the Revolution and those who are currently heading the political scene. It analyses the commitment of the political actors to the implementation of the revolutionary demands and observes that although these actors expressed first a strong desire to support the necessary reforms, they have gradually abandoned the most popular issues. Read the paper here

Brief 54: What Are the Prospects for Success of the Peace Talks on Syria?

The United Nations Peace Conference on Syria is due to take place on 22nd January in Geneva. The Syrian Government and opposition will meet for the first time since the outbreak of the conflict in March 2011. Nevertheless, there are very few prospects of finding a satisfactory solution to end the conflict, writes Tiziana Trotta.

See the brief here

The EuroMeSCo network, 7th best think tank network in the world

The EuroMeSCo network of research centres has been ranked as the seventh best network of think tanks in the world, as reflected by the University of Pennsylvania’s 2013 “Global Go-To Think Tanks Ranking”, recently presented. EuroMeSCo is currently formed by 99 research institutes and think tanks on politics and security in the Mediterranean, based in 33 countries from the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The 2013 “Global Go-To Think Tanks Ranking” can be consulted here

EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference 2013

The Academic Secretariat of EuroMeSCo is pleased to announce that the next EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference will take place in Paris on 3rd and 4th of October 2013. The event will be organised in partnership with the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS).

See the programme of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference "A Transforming Arab World: Between Continuity and Change" here

See the report of the Conference in English and French

See the minutes of the General Assembly in English and French

See the Annual Report 2013 in English and French

See the Work Plan for 2014 in English and French


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